What separates today's "AI" from true artificial intelligence?

 What separates today's "AI" from true artificial intelligence?

There is no such thing as today's AI.

It’s been pitched as AI - by the eager marking arms of tech organizations like Google and IBM and an over-excitable press.

Today we have artificial learning. So computers when given a massive amount of data to chew over, and some random levers to pull, or decisions to make - can programmatically perform an intuitive way to a solution by trial and error (lots and lots of trial and error).

So a computer could balance a ball on the end of a stick, or recognise cancer on an x-ray, or drive a car without crashing into obstacles.

This is NOT intelligence in any shape or form. If you wish to equate this to something in nature, its perhaps like the branches of a tree growing, sort of feeling their way to maximum sunlight.

True intelligence isn't being worked on yet. It’s, unfortunately, a lot more expensive, a lot harder, and is less profitable.

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