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The primary goal of Technology Write for Us is to encourage exceptional writers to submit themes for publication on our website. If you have any useful information on our website, please contact us using the ways listed below. We will review your content and publish your piece on this page. And we'll give you credit by including your author’s name or website address in the post.

Technology Write for Us for our website is a fantastic opportunity for Content Writers such as Business Strategists, Digital Marketing Specialists, Online Marketing Specialists, Email Marketing Specialists, Content Marketing Specialists, SEO Specialists, Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and Other Network, Telecom (Telecommunication), Information Technology (IT), and Other Kind of Technology Professionals. We invite tech bloggers (Guest Bloggers) to provide original and high-quality content to our Technology articles and blogs.

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Why Technology write for us is Important:

  • Have a Huge traffic
  • Regular Updates
  • High Domain Authority and Domain Rating
  • Helps in Google Rankings

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What we publish 

  • Content lengh min 400 words max up to you.
  • Add dofollow links in content not more than 3 per blog.
  • Add proper headings and sub headings in the content.
  • Images: An original image must be included as the featured image. Images from a third-party source must be accompanied by relevant attributions.
  • Only Original content in published at Tech News 23 website.
  • IT, Business, Games, Technology, Education, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Finance, productivity, tools, Digital marketing, Marketing, Essay/academic paper/online college/research paper writing businesses, Apps, and other technology-related themes are all possibilities.

Guidelines for Authors

If you want to write for us and contribute any number of articles in a month then you can send your details to us on our mail ID along with the proper title and keyword and image which need to be published along with the content.


  • Our editorial staff will thoroughly analyze your submission/proposal to ensure that it is unique, well-written, and valuable to our readers, as well as to make things simple for them.
  • Our editors retain the right to make any changes, deletions, or corrections they see necessary.
  • You will get confirmation within a few days if your submitted article or project fits our editing requirements.
  • The article will be posted on our social media networks after it has been successfully published. According to the standards, you are not permitted to republish the item on any other channel.

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