Submit Blogs on Write For Us Apps Category


Submit Blogs on Write For Us Apps Category

Tech News 23 is providing a fantastic platform to all or any style auteurs who want to be a part of its blogger's network. This is an excellent platform for bloggers or anyone interested in blogging to present their ideas to a larger audience while also increasing traffic to their blogs. is now accepting guest blogs and editorials. We are a high-quality site with a strong presence in the blogger community.

We are looking for high-quality articles about Apps. So, if you're interested, send blogs to the Write For Us Apps category.

We provide a global platform for anyone to get their name in front of potential clients. We are always looking for talented authors who would like to contribute guest blogs or articles on a regular basis.

What Advantages will you receive at our Site?

  • The posts will be fully credited to the writer/author.
  • Each of your posts will be featured and published, with an introduction that includes a photo and a link back to your website/blog.
  • Creating great and unique content will obviously expose you to our visitors, readers, and followers, allowing you to become well-known on the internet.
  • Building a reputation/brand: A number of bloggers from around the world will provide feedback on writers' writing abilities and expertise.

Our Requirements for Write for Us APPS

Before you can contribute to our blog, you must first complete the following requirements:

  • You must be a professional who can write original, well-researched articles.
  • You're supposed to be a blogger and a reader, or a representative of an SEO agency.
  • If you include videos or screenshots in your blogs, make sure they work before publishing.

Write for us Apps Content Submission Guidelines

  • Imposing rules ensures that the quality of the content and the reputation of the blog remain high.
  • Your articles must all be unique and free of plagiarism. They should also not be copied anywhere, including your own blog.
  • Your article should be at least 500 words long and contain no unnecessary outbound links.
  • The articles should be free of grammatical errors.
  • You may only include a link to your website and your social media accounts in your author bio.
  • Images/videos from relevant sources can be included in the article where appropriate.
  • The image should be 1300x700 pixels or larger for featured photographs.
  • Within the article, internal and external links should be relevant to your post.

Acceptable Topics

This blog focuses on current technology and the digital era, but all technology-related posts are welcome. Here are some ideas for writing topics.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Development
  • Technology
  • Announcements
  • News
  • Mobile Technology
  • Android
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile Marketing

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