How can one make money blogging from Blogspot?


How can one make money blogging from Blogspot?

To make money by blogging is the toughest job in the world. Before I have grown a business researcher, I did some very tuff jobs. I had been a cleaner; I delivered newspapers middle of the night. But nothing seems so hard like earning money from blogging.

Even you do pizza delivery, you know get some money at the end of the day. But nobody can guarantee you that you can make a penny from blogging.

To start a blog is very easy. You can choose a hosting with 1 click installation of WordPress. Even a person like me without technical knowledge have made several blogs.

But how can you get your traffics? People will tell you many silly things like you can get tons of traffics from Reddit and Quora. They will suspend your account if you try to it. These advise you to create pins on Pinterest. Try that. Nobody will click on that.

If you share on Facebook, maybe some friends click on your link.

There are a couple of billions of blogs indexed on Google. What can you do miraculous that people will find you there!

Just for supposition, you get traffics. Then what? How can you make money? Let's say, you use an Adnetwork. You can expect 1 or 2 clicks per 100 real traffics. Sometimes, they will not click at all.

I have about 300 per day Google organic traffics to one of my blogs. 75% of my traffics are from the USA and Europe. I monetize with Google Adsense. I used Google Auto Ads, also on my AMP pages. I get 1 or 2 clicks every day. 

I have tried Affiliation with Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Their Ads get about 6/7 clicks a day but no conversation.

Making money is far away, you will not even get Email subscribers. People are tired of subscribing.

The thing that happens now is one blogger try to earn money from another blogger. They will tell you some fancy stories, totally false success stories. They will even show you some manipulated screen-shots of earnings.

In reality, it is extremely difficult to make money by blogging. You cannot do that unless you have exceptional skills.

By the way, you need 50 K visitors/month from North America and Europe to have any realistic chance of making money.

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