What are top 10 professional life hacks?

 What are top 10 professional life hacks?

  1. Learn to say No, even if it is to your Boss or Manager if it's not right or ethical. Your impression may not become good in front of your Boss or Your Manager, but you've saved big trouble coming your way and your company's way.
  2. Try not to get into an argument, does not mean you should not speak for what's right. Again, it will benefit the company's impression.
  3. Communicate everything over mail, and in the worst case, you are communicating over call, make sure your call is recorded.
  4. Never ever disrespect your organization, simply because they are employing you and hence solving most of your life's problem.
  5. Do 15 Push Ups or 15 Squats every 2 hours if you have a desk job, you'll be more productive.
  6. Keep your desk clean. That's the first thing that is noticed when someone comes near you.
  7. Greet everyone, including the Janitor and Gatekeeper. They are doing their job the way you are doing yours. Greeting never harm.
  8. Be Punctual.
  9. Come forward if you think you are fit for the job. Even if it's any CSR or any Team Building Exercises. It will not only create good connections, but you will also know your organization well, you will understand Leadership, Management Skills to its core.
  10. Do not Gossip. That is one thing that is least appreciated professionally.
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