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What is Oculus's competitive advantage? What do they have (technology, business advantages) that can't be duplicated by competing companies?

 What is Oculus's competitive advantage? What do they have (technology, business advantages) that can't be duplicated by competing companies?

Oculus certainly began with a first-mover advantage. within the games development community, many companies have learned to implement VR by experimenting with the first Oculus development kits. for several Oculus Rift means VR.

When John Carmack moved to the corporate that was also a big step. There are few engineers with such remarkable credentials as Carmack, and it's clear that he had a deep understanding of the issues of VR technology before he even joined the corporate.

Michael Abrash is another asset. From people from my generation, Abrash's name is related to the type of innovative engineering which is important for hitting performance targets.

So thereupon line up they need be ready to make progress on the foremost challenging problems with the technology. Collecting precise accurate movement data, solving latency, driving the displays, and improving the display technology to possess a high enough resolution while filling the sector of view.

All good.

But since that beginning, some stuff has changed. The acquisition by Facebook looks like an odd coupling. For the primary few years, the foremost commercial application of VR is going to be in games and game-like experiences, and Facebook isn't a game developer. The argument that VR could become a killer technology for social interaction seems weak and is clearly how off.

The valve is functioning on a rival technology, and in contrast to Facebook, Valve may be a significant force in the game developer. Should, for example, Valve plan to launch Half-Life 3 as a pioneering VR product, that might be more transformative than anything that Facebook/Oculus could do. it might sell many devices to finish consumers. that might do more to kickstart the market than simply hardware.

Sony is additionally building a headset, and bundled with a PS4 this can make VR more of a stand-alone consumer product and less of an add-on peripheral.

Oculus' challenge is to capitalize on its current advantages and engineering strength to deliver the foremost compelling VR experience and convert that into a billboard advantage.

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