What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

 What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

When taking care of the simplest SEO plugins you ought to first create a priority list with the explanations why you would like a plugin in the least. In this manner, you'll decide which features are important for you and which not. Some features you'll take care of are

  • Page analysis
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Editing .htaccess, robots.txt files
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Social media integration
  • WordPress version compatibility
  • Importing and exporting settings
  • Integration with WordPress eCommerce sites
  • Theme compatibility
  • Built-in API

and more…

Once you opt on your features, you'll have a glance at the subsequent two free plugins.

1. RankMath

Rank Math may be a plugin that helps your WordPress website improve SEO rankings. The tool is concentrated totally on On-Page SEO and offers features that cover all kinds of SEO techniques (from basic to advanced). 

When starting performing on a replacement article, you'll add your targeted keywords within the tool and with its help, you'll be ready to write professional SEO friendly content. Your content is going to be permanently checked by Rank Math and therefore the tool will highlight the right SEO settings but also the specified improvements.

Here are some features of Rank Math.

  • You can spend 5 targeted keywords.
  • The tool suggests long-tail keywords while entering your targeted keyword.
  • Rank Math checks the keyword density for your targeted keyword.
  • The tool checks if internal and external linking is missing in your articles.
  • You can edit meta description, meta title, etc.
  • The tool checks the title and content readability.
  • You can create and manage your sitemap.
  • The tool allows you to attach Google Search Console. In this manner, you've got an overall overview of your website traffic within your admin panel.
  • You can add monitor your 404, add redirections, etc.
  • This makes Rank Math an excellent tool especially for beginners who are just starting with SEO.

2. The SEO Framework

If you're trying to find a quick, reliable, and ads-free SEO plugin, you'll consider the SEO framework. The tool is perfectly designed for beginners, however, its API is opened to more advanced users to urge creative with.

This tool is usually presented as an alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin.

Here are some features which make this tool stand out from the gang.

The tool utilizes a so-called “focus subject”, while most other plugins are utilizing the attention keyword. This feature helps users write more natural content and improves the general quality of your articles.

Most of its settings are preconfigured, this suggests you will not have an excessive amount of work to try to do after installing the plugin.

The tool features a comment spamming extension, which removes the necessity for a further plugin.

With the assistance of their visual meter/scale, you'll easily check if your article will perform well on Search Engines or not.

The tool has also an area SEO extension for companies that require to display their important business information.

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