Are there requirements to get a Suboxone treatment?

As defined by the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS), patients are required to be in “mild withdrawal.” Also, only doctors who have certification from the Department of Health and Human Services can prescribe Suboxone because Suboxone is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance. 

It is a drug that has medical values but also comes with moderate risks for addiction. Suboxone treatment is also referred to as an “office-based” treatment. 

Patients are evaluated and treatment requires them to visit the office regularly instead of a clinic setting. Once the patients get stabilized on Suboxone after a few days, they usually have to visit their physician once a month. Addiction is a lifelong disease, and to fully recover from it you need to understand addiction, manage triggers, and maintain a support system. 

This is where therapy or counseling can help you acquire these skills and make it easier for you to get rid of opiate addiction. You can choose a therapist of your choice.

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