Does duplicate content still hurt your SEO in 2020 or 2021?

Does duplicate content still hurt your SEO in 2020 or 2021?

Of course, YES!! Duplicate content always features a massive impact on your SEO. But, not within the way you think!!

I have seen many freshers and even website owners bothered about duplicate content. Duplicate content may be a major concern for them.

So, why duplicate content matter?

You might have encounter people that have a coffee idea about the duplicated content. Though you stuff your website with copied or duplicated content, it'll not lift up your ranking.

For search engines,

  • When the content is duplicated, the search engines fail to fetch the results
  • They do not know which version to incorporate or exclude from their indices
  • They also fail to link the metrics

For website owners

When the duplication is more, probably, the purchasers will choose the one that seems to be real.

Their brand visibility is going to be affected which ends up in the downfall of the brand

So, the way to avoid duplicate content issues?

Duplicate content may or might not occur consciously. so as to combat duplicate content, here are some factors that assist you to avoid duplicate content issues.

301 redirect (Directs the person to the first content)

Rel = “Canonical” (Helps program to understand that it's the duplicated sort of the given canonical URL)

I hope the solution shows light towards the downside of duplicate content and its passive effect on SEO.

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