The Best Cannabis Strains For Migraine

 The Best Cannabis Strains For Migraine

Everyone suffers from a headache every now then, but migraine is a completely different thing. It brings not only the top pain but also nausea and vomiting. It can wreck your day by making it difficult for you to finish any task. Migraine can increase sensitivity towards the sunshine, sound, and may cause tingling in your arms and legs. Almost 13 percent of adults within the U.S suffer from migraines. The impact of migraines can last up to 72 hours. Many of us also suffer from chronic migraines, where the symptoms last for about 15 days or more. everyone suffers from migraines differently.

The reason behind these migraine headaches remains unknown, but there are often some triggers like allergies, stress, disorder, change of diet, and irregular environments.

Some data suggest that cannabis is often wont to treat migraines. It won’t stop it, but it can certainly control it. Cannabis can induce relaxation, pain relief, improve your sleep quality, and may also help together with your appetite. With an easy process of online 420 evaluations in Chino Hills, you'll get your recommendation card, which can allow you to shop for medical cannabis for your condition. So, here are a number of the simplest cannabis strains for quick migraine relief.

OG Kush

You can find this strain in almost every dispensary. It offers powerful sedative effects and may tackle the symptoms related to migraines. This hybrid strain contains 20 percent THC that gives you relief and a feeling of happiness.


If you're not an enormous fan of the “high” related to cannabis, ACDC is for you. This Sativa dominant strain contains a high level of CBD and features a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio. CBD content during this strain can reach up to 19 percent. ACDC is legendary for its ability to scale back inflammation and treating anxiety, MS, seizures, nausea, tremors, and tumors; making it an ideal choice for people affected by migraines. It also can tackle anxiety and depression and suit people affected by chronic pain like migraines.


Harlequin may be a Sativa dominant strain with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, containing about 8-16 percent CBD and 4-7 percent THC. It offers the sensation of alertness while making you clear-headed. If you've got high levels of pain associated with migraines, Harlequin can assist you because it features a balance of CBD and THC. So, it'll relieve you from the pain without getting you too high.

Purple Kush

Sometimes, the migraine is simply too powerful and only relaxing can assist you. consistent with many of us affected by migraines say that sleeping can help with some symptoms related to migraines. And Purple Kush can assist you thereupon. Purple Kush may be a pure Indica breed that's produced by crossbreeding the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. it's around 17-22 percent of THC and only 0.07-1 percent CBD.

Final thoughts

Yes, cannabis can help in treating migraines but that doesn’t that you simply should just rush to your nearest dispensary and buy some strains. you've got to consume cannabis with responsibility, so start slow when trying a replacement strain. Also, before buying, consult knowledgeable.

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