Interesting Facts That you Never Know About Technology


Interesting Facts That you Never Know About Technology


According to Global Index India stands on the 46th position all over the world in the field of technology!

We can’t imagine a day without using technology, even I am writing this article with the help of technology. As India is a very fast developing country in the field of everything, whether it is technology, industrial development, agriculture or education.

Here I am to tell you the amusing and interesting facts I bet you will never know about technology.

So, let’s get into a new world of technology:-                          


Alexa listens to you always when you are involved in a conversation. It stores all your conversation dialogues history in cloud and uses it to improve her experience.


Only 45.8 % of china population uses internet, as they banned YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, twitter, Instagram, Drop box and Skype from public use.


Have you ever wonder ever that why your keyboard of your pc or phone is arranged in QWERTY format?  To slow you down. Yes, you are reading right as the main theory beyond this process was that if someone typed too fast there are possibilities that keys would jam. To, avoid this QWERTY placed common alphabet far from each other leading to slow typing.


If you have a habit of using the laptop on your lap, change it today.  As a few hour of lap work can reduce your sperm quality.


Do you know that, your iphone carries 18 times the amount of unsafe bacteria present in bathroom toilets.                                                    


Technology is also playing a great role in the field of advertisement. People are now not using traditional advertising method, they are making use of technology even for market strategy.

The good things about this type of advertisement are that they are affordable and anyone can take advantage of it. For example Flipkart, Amazon, etc.


Around 3.5 billion peoples does Google search per day and the common search is “Google”.


The NOKIA company which is a big brand today uses to sell other types of items such as toilet papers , tiers and electronic items before selling mobile phones .


When the first mechanical clock invented by Levi Hutchins it use to ring just one time at 04:00am.


SAMSUNG which is invented in March 1938 is 38 years and 1 month elder than APPLE company which is been founded in April 1976.


The first logo used by the APPLE company, featured sir Isaac Newton sitting behind the tree with an apple about to fall on his head.


You can still visit the world’s first webpage. It serves as a historical archive for everything available online about the World Wide Web.


Nowadays because of advanced technology makes it easier for any organization to safely keep the data and passwords secure from the hackers . 


The Firefox logo which we see in Firefox search engine is actually not fox. It is panda a red panda .


If you will change the fonts while printing it takes less amount of ink .              

I am wrapping up the topic by saying that as a human we are always in search of best technology and in future we can expect even more technological advancement that will make our lives easier .

Technology became an integral part of a person life . Better quality of work can be provided with the use of technology.

But, I want to alert you that the use of technology depends on the person , as many pros it have there are too many cons. Too. So, maintain a balance on the use of technology . 

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