How technology attacks our physical health??


How technology attacks our physical health

There are as many as positive sides to technology – not least, that helps us to stay connected with others, which has been a lifeline throughout the pandemic – but with the benefits, there are also many health consequences that should be considered.

In this session, we explore how technology is overused and the negative effects of it. 

Here are the health problems caused by technology:

Digital Eye strain

This is the top most problem for the people who use technology. Regular exposure to digital devices may be very harmful to our eyes. Digital eye strain, also Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), is one of the most commonly reported symptoms of too much screen time. 

Disrupted sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for almost every bodily function. But using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone before going to bed can affect your sleep. This is because the blue light from devices can increase alertness. In addition, activities on digital devices can be stimulating and make us sleepless. As a result, people become absorbed and continue to use the technology through their bedtime.

Negative effects on kids

Technology overuse can have a major impact on children and teenagers. This is because children’s brains are still developing, which means they can be more sensitive to the effects of technology overuse as compared to adults.

Poor posture

The way many people use mobile devices and computers may also lead to incorrect posture. By the time this may lead to musculoskeletal issues. Many technologies promote a “down and forward”  position to the user which means the person is hunched forward and looking down at the screen. This can put an unnecessarily amount of pressure on the neck and spine and leads to pain. 

Emotional problems

Using social media makes you feel better connected to the world. But, if you compare yourself to others it can leave you feeling inadequate or left out. The researchers said that there may be an association between problematic internet use and depression, and aggressive behavior. 

While technology is improving its access to mental health services, it also contributes to more mental illness in general. Because people spend too much time using devices, they are less attracted to having meaningful social interactions.

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