Why SEO is a Waste of Time for New Bloggers


Why SEO is a Waste of Time for New Bloggers

Great SEO takes time. You can’t lift to the top of Google’s search results overnight, nor can you incontinently monetize your blog. Depending on SEO to increase your business at the expense of making real connections with your followers is a waste of time. 

Worse, you'll never know what SEO missteps you're making unless you gain some introductory SEO skills. You might get punished for keyword stuffing or structuring bad backlinks. Link checkups and net work to undo the damage done by low-quality SEO can save you serious time and money. 

Before everyone starts to fright, I’m not saying that SEO is valueless or that you should take the time to learn SEO basics. While search engines have become decreasingly sophisticated, they can’t “see” your web runner in the same way that a human can. 

As Moz points out in their companion to why SEO matters, “without SEO, a website can be unnoticeable to search machines.” That stated, too much focus on SEO can be just as poor. 

Their following figures are low, and engagement is worse. They’ve got a high bounce rate and a low click through rate. They’ve spent so much important time stressing about how to make their blog or website perfect for Google that they’ve forgotten about their real followers.

Then which SEO strategies are worth your attention?  

1. They produce a content distribution model.

Plentitude has been written about the significance of content creation. Consider the place you’ll be using for content distribution. 

There’s no need to resuscitate the wheel with your social media and dispatch marketing. Consider how your content can be comminuted and repackaged into snackable content for easy distribution.  

2. Build connections  

Structuring great inbound links is hard work. One of the most common “quick fix” tactics – spamming the commentary section on blogs – won’t get you the quality backlinks you need in the long run. 

A blog is a social tool in which the more you link to other blogs in your field, the more likely it'll be that they’ll link back to you. Curate and publish helpful resource lists. Reach out to bloggers and invite them to author a guest post on your blog.  

When you obsess over SEO tactics or blog monetization, you lose sight of the bigger picture of building a strong relationship with your followers. set the reader first.

They produce meaningful content that brings genuine value to their lives and also repackage this content for easy distribution and consumption. 

Eventually, engage your fellow bloggers and be part of the blogging community. When you put people first, you’ll build a strong following and a high SEO rank, and monetization opportunities will naturally follow. 

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