How To Be A Good Friend


How To Be A Good Friend

One of the most important and productive types of connections you'll make in life is friendship. Friends are people you can share nearness with and times with, and you're an important portion of each other's lives. 

They give you a sense of belonging and security, knowing you're loved and cherished by the people you most look out for. 

The beauty of friendship is that you learn to choose your friends, unlike with family. But anyone who has ever had a negative experience with someone they thought was a friend can likely attest to the fact that it is not always easy to spot true good-fellowship.

The Benefits of Friendship 

Family connections frequently come with a dose of regret and obligation. Friends, on the other hand, are the cure to the burdens of diurnal life.

  • Friends Share the load, friends.
  • With regards to health benefits
  • Friendships Make Ageing Easier  

2. What makes a good friend?

True fellowship is defined by knowing someone has your back, no matter what. A good friend will watch out for you and ensure you're safe, feel supported, and loved. A good friend will never deliberately lead you into making opinions or taking actions that are not good for you. 

Acceptance of True friends assumes you, even when your lives move in different directions. True friends understand that your choices are yours and accept those opinions because they understand that what is true for them is not necessarily right for you.

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Multiple low-maintenance 

longtime friends attest to the fact that when they have not been in touch for a while and sometimes reconnect, it's as if no time has passed.


Trust lets us feel safe with friends—safe to be vulnerable and to share our plans, our true natures, and our lives. A trusty friend keeps your secrets, keeps their oaths, and is responsible. 

Being nonjudgmental

A nonjudgmental friend, as opposed to someone who instals self-doubt or insecurity in you, makes you feel confident in and cherished for who you are.


An honest friend is someone who can and will tell you the truth rather than lie to you to make you happy or reconcile you. A good friend will tell you the truth, even if it's hard. Of all the traits a good friend could have, honesty is clearly among the most important.

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