SEO Learning Plan for Beginners


SEO Learning Plan for Beginners

One of the smartest ways to master SEO as fast as possible is to follow an education plan, and this is exactly what you’ll read below. 

Step 1: Learn how hunting machines work. 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and the whole process is done to increase the visibility of a website in search engines, it makes sense to know how hunt machines work. 

Step 2: Recognize the Role of SEO in Digital Marketing 

Before diving into the details of SEO, you should understand what role SEO plays in digital marketing. 

SEO is part of hunter machine marketing. SEM is the process of getting business from hunting machines either organically (through SEO) or using paid hunting advertisements. 

SEM is the channel that is available in digital market. Other channels include social media marketing, dispatch marketing, content marketing, etc. 

Step 3: Understand what SEO is and why it’s important. 

The coming step is to understand what we actually mean when we talk about hunting machine optimization and why it’s an important process for any website.  

SEO can be defined as a set of rules you can apply to a website so that it appears in the top positions in the search machine affected runners (SERPS) for affiliated keywords.  

Step 4: Research the various SEO processes. 

Now that you know what SEO is, the next step is to learn how it works. For ease of reference, there are more than 255 SEO ranking factors to consider when optimizing a website, and for ease of reference, they're broken down into a number of sub-processes. 

Each small process is responsible for multiple types of SEO rules. 

Step 5: Learn more about keywords and the process of keyword research. 

When you move to this point, you must already know that everything in SEO begins with a keyword.  

SEO keywords are search expressions users type in a search engine that are important for a particular website.  

Once you get past the technical SEO phase, which has to do with structure-related settings, the other SEO phases are strongly related to keywords.  

The process of finding out which keywords to target in your content is called keyword exploration.

Step 6: Learn how can you measure SEO performance. 

The next step is to measure SEO performance. This is critical because if you don’t know what to measure and what KPIs to dissect, you will not know if your SEO campaigns are successful or not.  

To measure the performance of SEO, you need to learn how to use the two most important tools: Google Search Console and Google Analytics.  

The Google Search Console (GSC) will give you insight into how your website is performing on Google.  

Google Analytics tells you what users do once they visit your website. Know more by consulting SEO Consultant Birmingham. Click the link or else directly mail us your questions at We are always there to help you.

Step 7: Implement SEO. 

At last it’s time to put SEO to work. That’s the only way to bear out what you have learned in the above way.

The smart approach for newcomers is to choose a topic you’re passionate about and start a blog. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or too popular; just pick a topic you know well, set up a website, and start optimizing it for search machines.

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