The Government requires Big Tech to Find a New Business Model!


The Government requires Big Tech to Find a New Business Model!

Do you know? 

Big tech companies are facing an existential crisis, but they're doing everything they can to resist it and keep things just as they are. 

Facebook and Google, in particular, want to keep recreating three roles: essential infrastructure, publisher, and targeted-ad

a mogul. 

They want to be perceived as neutral platforms while also being perceived as civically responsible. They also want to maximise surveillance and the targeting of advertisements. That’s insolvable — so the government has to force them to choose a new business model; or, rather, it has to choose for them.

Traditional news associations are dependent on them, and their profit stream comes directly from those traditional associations, which, if allowed to thrive, might provide a connective tissue of information for democracy. visit the link or mail us at to know more. We are also accepting guest posts. If you are interested in writing then contact us and write in the category of Technology Business Write For Us.

And these tech companies involve public responsibility. Some corporate CEOs decide the shape of ultramodern study and have become America’s de facto officers of information. 

People from across the political spectrum now understand the trouble that these companies pose to the republic. The question has therefore come to not whether they're regulated, but how.

Some may argue that, as we learn of their abuses, these tech titans could be forced to battle. The invention of upstarts could, on its own, lead to a decentralized, nontoxic market. 

This argument was destroyed by the investigation conducted by the House’s antitrust council, which displayed how big tech firms make drains around their power, destroying arrivistes by buying them or burying them before they get a chance to contend. 

Big Tech does not want any reform. It'll spend billions of dollars trying to bring us all together to do nothing. Companies that maintain infrastructure aren't allowed to charge different prices for different people who want access to it. 

Communications infrastructure is banned from observing those who use it. But divisions alone, which are really critical, are just as easily not enough.

Any serious reform of the democratic damage caused by Facebook or Google has to start with compelling these companies to serve the public interest. Some suppose the best way to do that's by forcing them to accept their part as publishers. 

Some people might argue that search and social media are elective, not structured, more like video games than cable lines. But that point of view ignores reality. 

They count as infrastructure because a major part of society depends on them for connection. Small businesses need Facebook and Google to reach clients. Politicians need them to reach the elements.

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