Is Modern Technology Good For Your Business?

Is Modern Technology Good For Your Business

We all, at least to some extent, utilise technology in our enterprises, but is it beneficial to your business or your health?

These days, technology has a wide range of subtle effects on both our personal and professional life. We use it so frequently that it's simple to forget that much of it wasn't even created ten years ago. For your learning materials, you might utilize the Internet, podcasts, or DVDs. You'll probably use word processors to create paperwork and spreadsheets to keep track of various business-related activities.

Additionally, there are email, social media (such as Twitter and Facebook), and of course the flat-screen monitor you're presumably using to read this. All nice things, you may be thinking, and they undoubtedly make your life simpler.

Yes, I agree—until it goes horribly wrong, and it always does—but why?

Are You Also Fighting Negative Technology?

Since the early 1990s, long before most people were aware of the internet, I have worked in the software sector for around 20 years. As a result, I believe myself to be somewhat tech aware.

Most individuals, although not all, will probably concur that technology has changed our lives for the better. But the fact that I'm even writing this essay is a testament to how poorly I still feel it performs. I'll give you a few instances to illustrate why, only going back a maximum of two days. Check the category Gadgets Write For Us for submitting blogs and articles. Email id:

Excel crashed on me yesterday, costing me a half-worth of hours of work. Auto save failed, thus it was lost forever. Since last night, I can no longer use my iPod Touch to publish to my personal Facebook account.

Before writing this piece, I conducted a little keyword research, and the tool crashed, requiring a long time to quit correctly and reload.

My internet connection is really sluggish and periodically loses out, becoming completely dark for a few minutes at a time. I had to quit earlier when I tried to submit several articles to a website since all I saw were "timed out" problems, which cost me extra time and effort.

Oh, and my wireless mouse periodically goes out of commission due to a dead battery, and my backup (with a wire) mouse has a mind of its own.

You get the idea, right? I'm sure there are more and there will be by the time I post this.

Believe it or not, the previous few days haven't been all that horrible in terms of fighting technology, so this isn't meant to be a rant.

However, at times it seems like a battle, requiring more time and energy spent trying to get the tools to function than really resolving the initial issue or finishing the task at hand.

Why Is Technology So Bad?

Having used computers ever since they first entered the house, I'll use them as an illustration of why I believe technology frequently fails to function.

I think there are two key causes for it:

Computers (and many other devices) run a lot of software today. This software is typically quite complicated, from several vendors, and runs in parallel on the devices.

Even though computers and software are at the bleeding edge, it's easy to forget that technology is still very young—extremely young.

These two factors are the root of a lot of the issues with current technology. Your phone, your car, your washing machine, and your TV all run software to a large extent. Software is by definition complicated and prone to mistakes.

The majority of modern technology was not even created ten years ago. The Information Age is still still in its infancy. Even while it occasionally seems like we are really into it, we are not.

We would not only not have created steam-powered machinery yet, but we would still be selling the machinery ourselves if this were the Industrial Age (which is long since past).

So, does technology benefit your company? I still believe yes when it functions, but when it malfunctions, it ceases to be helpful and may put you under a great deal of stress.

Do I believe that things will get better soon? I regret not. We'll always be a little bit ahead of what we can actually accomplish well as long as we stay on the cutting edge and on the fast, thrilling section of the curve.

The speed at which technology develops will continue to astound, but so will the speed at which it fails and causes us issues.

However, because it's almost difficult to ignore technology in today's world, especially in business, unless we want to live in a cave, we'll just have to learn to live with it.

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