It’s not just you—everyone hates Instagram now. That’s why

It’s not just you—everyone hates Instagram now. That’s why

Instagram’s ultimate updates to how it handles videos aren't going down well with its users. The petition calling on it to roll back most of the rearmost changes and " Make Instagram Instagram Again" has garnered more than a thousand signatures as of Wednesday.

To catch you up on what’s been passing, Last week, Instagram advertised that it was making some broad changes that absolutely had nothing to do with TikTok and were in no way copying its features. 

It added more options to its Remix feature, which allows you to combine your own photographs and videos with those of other people into new videos — just like on TikTok. 

It also blazoned that all vids shorter than 15 minutes would automatically be participated in as rolls—the TikTok-like fullscreen videotape format that pops up in the main feed—rather than as regular videotape posts. 

Not only would this change how they would appear to your friends and followers, but if you had a public account, it would make them eligible to be recommended to aimless users who do follow you in their feeds, which means they could also appear in the centre Explore tab.

Principally, just like Instagram added videotape after Vine came along and Stories after Snapchat, it’s now rapidly morphing into a TikTok duplicate to try to stop youngish druggies leaving the platform — or steal them back from TikTok. 

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When someone you follow uploads a new post to their Instagram Stories, it'll populate at the top of your app with a red or green circle, as usual. But, rather than showing you the newest addition, a bug on Instagram has been showing users every post from the start of their 24-hour Instagram Story cycle. It's actually annoying.

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