Is a good or bad idea?


Is a good or bad idea?

If you are thinking of getting married but not getting enough time to find someone for you. Then yes there is a platform where you can reach people to whom you can choose to get married. is a very popular platform to find your partner online.

As you know many years ago people in India used to advertise in matrimonial papers to find who can be their perfect marriage match. It was a little hectic because many of us didn't have newspapers at home. Or to advertise in the newspaper we also require some fee and this can also happen you will not get your partner in one time Ads. But now you can find your partner at your home on your touch screen mobile. Only you need to have one internet connection. 

All these things are enough to find a partner with free chat at Best Free Matrimonial Site In India. is the best suitable for people who are searching for their partner all around India. The best thing is that they have been making matches for more than 2o years and started their journey from New York. Indian people are shy and feel sad when they turn 30. They do not disclose their original age in front of relatives for marriage but now you need not worry because we have a platform where you can tell everything truth about yourself at Shadi. Because your married life cannot start with a lie. 

What I can do to search for partners at

The very simple process through which you can find your perfect one at Shadi. And that is to just register with all required fields and verify your number. And after that, you can choose a person whom you like according to their profile and start chatting. 

So this is very clear now you need not hassle with newspapers or brokers for marriages because the Online Matrimony Website will help you to reach the perfect place.

You can find your matches worldwide; you just need to register to reach them to choose one of them. So, all in all, I just want to say one thing is the perfect place for you if you are looking for someone,  but we always want to suggest that before getting married take an amount of time to get to know your partner so that you can live happily.

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