The Process to know - HGV C+E Training


The Process to know - HGV C+E Training

The most extensive licence category—the HGV C+E licence — is provided via HGV C+E training. You can operate vehicles like drawbar and articulated vehicles with this type of licence. Typically, a category C or E licence denotes a person's entitlement, which allows them to weigh up to and beyond 750 kg. 

Your ability to operate a category C vehicle with a 750 kg detachable trailer will improve with the help of the HGV C training. In contrast, you can drive drawbars and articulated vehicles that typically weigh 44 tonnes if you have a full HGV C+E licence.

Further, it is clear that you need to get a proper overview of the things that relate to this type of training. Initially, proper training is required to get things right in place as HGV driving gives you perfect exposure to driving. Also, things are clear about all the aspects that usually relate to driving medical, theory training, and practical training. 

HGV C+E Training

It is the basic type of training that is required to drive the vehicles that fall under the HGV C+E licence. 

1. Medical: It is one of the basic and the major requirements in this type of licence this is just to ensure that you are physically fit for driving and other related purposes. 

2. Theory training: This is the next part of the medical part is the theory training, it is designed as per the rules as this type of training requires a proper three types of theory training which are generally based on:

  • General Theory Training
  • Hazard perception Test
  • Case Studies

3. Practical Training: The third and almost the second last step in professional driving and the last step for people who want to drive for personal purposes. This is generally a basic type of training that is then provided as per the HGV C+E driving test designed by the government. Further, it is to be splitted into two cases that are named practical training and category E practical training.

Similarly, then you need to opt for the HGV C+E Driving test, which is based on a medical test, a theory test, and the practical test, the next part that is to be considered important is the Drive CPC test known as a certificate of professional competence, which is mandatory to be taken after you clear all the tests related to driving the category C+E vehicle.

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