How To Submit A Guest Post On Technology- Know It All

How To Submit A Guest Post On Technology- Know It All

As we all know, when you submit a guest post technology website ranks However, few people are aware that strategic guest posting advances careers. There is no clear plan, so there are no super long incentives for all the bloggers. We observe to crank out these posts while repeating the mantra "quantity over quality." I'll outline the seven essential strategies for creating a guest post that is wildly successful in this article. If you implement these tactics correctly, you'll increase your email subscriber count, climb the Google search results, and make significant progress towards content marketing objectives.

A result should be the destination of a guest post and not a home page.

Every time you write a guest post, you have a link with a brief biographical section with a link (along with a few in-post links) that readers can use to return to your site. Most newcomers make the error of not giving the destination of their new readers any thought. If you click away, you'll probably land on the homepage or a beautifully written but irrelevant post (usually with good tweets or comments). You need to direct folks toward a particular result. Suppose you want to sign up as many people as you can as email subscribers. An effective funnel would include:

A free offer for a particular market 

You would produce an eBook in your niche focused on a particular subject and will appeal to a specific audience.

An advertisement or landing page for that eBook

The last step is to use a service like Aweber to add that eBook to your blog and offer it as a free inducement for signing up for your list. I produced a video if you don't know how to accomplish this.

Guest writing on closely related topics

The good part comes next. You now venture out and provide guest posts on subjects directly linked to your offer. Even if you can't link back to your landing page or advertisement, you will still be funnelling and pre-selling them on the concept of your eBook. It is pointless to direct visitors to the homepage or random posts. You must put fuel in the gas tank rather than pour it all over the engine, just like when you fill up your automobile with gas. Drive traffic toward your desired result or objective using a content funnel.

Famous bloggers in your niche are mentioned in guest posts.

Simply mentioning other websites with large audiences in your guest post appearances is one of the quickest methods to grow a new blog. To some, it may seem obvious. This tactic offers many advantages. It first links you to those professionals.

Second, you can take advantage of the incredible power of their contact lists if you send a helpful email or Tweet before the guest post is published. Most of the time, they'll at least tweet about your guest post, tying themselves to your writing. Your "host blog" will have value and a bit of marketing.

Thirdly, it makes contact with those blogs possible. They will be more receptive to reading what you provide them if you submit them a guest article because they already know who you are.

If you want to submit a guest post on Technology Submit Guest Post category to reputable blogs, kind of professional networking is beneficial. Giving comes before receiving, in my opinion.

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