Prepare For Your HGV Driver Training Test At Best


Prepare For Your HGV Driver Training Test At Best

The HGV aspirant must pass an exam to obtain a professional driver's licence after completing the required classroom and on-the-road HGV driver training. The test is not always simple to qualify for. It requires focus, composure, and confidence in one's education and acquired knowledge. 

Here are two fundamental sets of exams you need to qualify for an HGV licence. 

The Two Fundamental Tests

Every HGV trainee who wants their licence must pass two elementary exams. The HGV theory test is the first, and the practical skills test is the second.

Before starting practical skills training, a candidate must pass a two-part HGV theory test. The test can be scheduled and taken whenever the student chooses, whether they complete both sections in one sitting or break them into two sessions. When possible, we advise performing both at the same sitting. The test consists of the two following components:

Multiple Choice

The first section of the theory test consists of a 100-question multiple-choice exam that measures the candidate's understanding of fundamental driving techniques and highway safety. It is comparable to the theory test for a driver's licence but altered to consider the particulars of operating a heavy goods vehicle.

Hazard Perception 

It is the subject of the second section of the theory test. Candidates see 19 videos that contain 20 potential dangers. The learner must respond to 100 questions about the data acquired from the videos.

Parts one and two both require passing grades of 85% and 67%, respectively. Candidates can only move to physical LGV driver training after passing both tests. The number of times a candidate must retake each component to qualify is unlimited.

The second HGV test, assigned after training, is divided into two parts. After the test location is approved, the trainer gives both tests to the candidate. 

Driving Techniques

HGV applicants will operate an HGV while being observed by a DVSA tester. The examiner instructs the candidate specifically to test their driving abilities. Everything from brakes, backing up to turning will be tested.

Practical Demonstration

The HGV test also involves a practical demonstration of the candidate's knowledge of how HGV vehicles operate, and they should meet the safety and regulatory requirements. This test consists of five modules covering truck loading, cargo security, trafficking in illegal immigrants, evaluation of emergencies, and walk-around safety inspections.

You can complete the practical HGV training test in as little as two hours. A candidate cannot receive more than 15 total minor sources during the driving abilities part of the test, nor can they receive any major sources. Driver must correctly respond to 80 out of the possible 100 questions to pass the practical demonstration.

The Success Factors

The requirements for the HGV exam might initially appear to be quite hard. As was previously mentioned, passing the exam is not always easy. Here is the success mantra for you. 

  • Information 
  • training
  • competition
  • practice 
  • calmness

So these are a few things you should have while you start your LGV driver training or go for the tests. 

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