Know about the Driver Refresher Course in Detail


Know about the Driver Refresher Course in Detail

HGV driving is an excellent career to select. But some people drop out of it for some reason, and returning becomes very difficult. The UK has been under a massive scarcity of HGV drivers. Therefore the government decided to start free boot camps for HGV driving, raise the salaries and bring the old HGV drivers back. Some denied it, and some said that we don't have enough experience. To overcome this, the government introduced a new course for people who want to return to their HGV jobs. Many training centres in the UK started offering Driver Refresher Courses

What is HGV refresher Course?

The HGV refresher course is introduced for drivers who want to return to the industry after a break. As we all know, HGV driving is a high-paying job, and people don't want to leave it. Some people left because of their reasons which also caused a scarcity of HGV drivers in the UK. Once you complete this 6-hour HGV refresher course, you don't have to pass all four tests for the driver's certificate of professional competence. But 35 hours of periodic training is compulsory. The Drivers and Vehicles Standard Agency verified this course. It is for you to improve your diving ability. 

Who should opt for the Driver refresher course 

You know, not everyone can opt for this driver refresher course. Here is a list of people who can proceed. 

Experienced Drivers: Those who have been driving for several years believe they would benefit greatly from a tailored HGV refresher course to help them become even safer drivers and break bad driving habits.

Return to Driving: People who feel that a refresher course will give them the confidence boost they need to go behind the wheel again after a long period—sometimes many years—of not driving. Additionally excellent for individuals who passed their driving test but haven't driven since.

Returning to the UK: People who want to dedicate time to brush up on driving in the UK after spending some time away from it while living overseas.

Post-Accident: People who need to go back on the roads after losing confidence due to a traffic accident. Learn more about our specialised Post-RTC Driving Course refresher.

Nervous Drivers: For drivers who experience anxiety while operating an HGV on a variety of roads ( rural ones or freeways) and who believe that an HGV refresher course will help them regain their much-needed confidence.

What can you include in the course?

Depending on your specific needs, the training might range from getting back behind the wheel and practising basic driving to practising reverse and other skills. The following are the topics we often discuss in a session:

  1. Planning and improving your observation skills will help you identify hazards and plan for them rather than just "reacting" to them.
  2. Deal with highways - Regaining your capacity and self-assurance to navigate the traffic on numerous difficult roads, including motorways.
  3. Understand other drivers on the road - How to create a driving strategy that predicts other drivers' movements.
  4. Handling country roads - How to rapidly and safely modify your driving on different highways, including rural roads.
  5. Deal with severe weather - How to increase your car's control and observational skills to be safe in the UK's frequent rain, ice conditions, and other adverse weather.
  6. Roundabouts - How to successfully approach and navigate congested roundabouts with numerous exits and lanes.
  7. Regulations - Gain a deeper understanding of the numerous traffic signs and the rules.

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