Tips and Tricks to fast track the HGV Career


Tips and Tricks to fast track the HGV Career

HGV drivers in the UK might make more and more money depending on their skill sets and experience. Therefore, this obviously does not imply that all HGV driver positions are equal or that all employers would pay the same high salaries for similar positions.

How can you then ensure that you're taking all the necessary steps to advance your HGV career and join the top drivers? There are some essential techniques for landing the greatest jobs and earning more money as an HGV driver to assist 

Upgrade your skills timely - Your skill set is incredibly essential, thus this takes the top spot on this list. When we discuss up-skilling, we do not mean completing the bare minimum of training or mandated courses like your Driver CPC, fast track courses, etc. This is about always gaining new, more useful skills to put on your résumé. They not only increase your eligibility for a larger range of HGV driving roles and open up more opportunities for you, but they also show potential employers that you are dedicated to your work.

Make Plans-  It will be easier for you to comprehend what you need to concentrate on to get there if you have a goal in mind—call it a roadmap—of where you want to end up. A professional driver should be able to do this effortlessly! When it comes to up-skilling, you'll know what to concentrate on if you know where you want to go. It's important to remember that goals take time to accomplish. Therefore, set a particular goal for yourself and divide it into smaller goals along the road.

Specialization-  We've already discussed upskilling. But specialization is a little different. When we talk about specialization, we mean learning how to use specialized equipment, which makes you an authority in your industry.Finding jobs that allow you to use these abilities in addition to obtaining the necessary certification can help you become an expert in your industry since sometimes obtaining the appropriate qualification is not enough to master these specialized skills.

Choosing the ideal employer- If the firm doesn't acknowledge or recognize your good attitude, what's the use of putting in the effort, spending the hours on training, and toiling away to earn useful experience? If you work for the wrong firm, you could feel trapped, exhausted, and unappreciative of your job. Just keep in mind that life is what we decide to accept. An excellent employer will provide you with every chance to grow your career. They will acknowledge your talent and aspirations and, in most cases, collaborate with you to maintain your happiness.


Driving does not provide the everyday support that an office job offers. However, autonomous and focused individuals do best behind the wheel. These people can easily advance through their careers to become great drivers with the proper attitude and the appropriate employer and finding the appropriate training before moving into this career like the fast track driving licence training, Minibus training, Class 1, class 2 training etc. 

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