Understanding Driver CPC Courses


Understanding Driver CPC Courses

All HGV drivers are issued a Driver's Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to demonstrate their professional driving ability. It is also referred to as a driving qualification card in several UK cities. You can prove that you passed all of your exams and training by showing this card. A £1000 punishment may be imposed if you drive professionally while not having the card. The European Union Directive was created in 2008 in an effort to raise environmental awareness, professionalism, and road safety.

You must complete a 35-hour periodic training in order to obtain your card after passing all four sections of the driver's CPC test. This card can only be used for five years before needing to be renewed. You must go through the same 35 hours of periodic training in order to renew. 

Driver CPC courses that suit everyone's needs, whether they are 35 hours of periodic training or the CPC modules 2 and 4 Courses.

CPC Module 2 - Theory part

CPC Module 4 - Practical training and tests. 

Through online resources, CPC module 2 theoretical tests (case studies), and CPC module 4 are all about situations you might encounter when driving in real life.

Training Includes:

  • Use of the HGV safely
  • Assessments to be performed prior to HGV operation
  • Safe loading the HGV
  • Examining illegal activity and trafficking hazards.
  • Driving in cold climates
  • You will train at dawn till you will feel that you have absorbed all the necessary information to clear the test the first time. We will go through everything you want to if you need us to. After that, we'll travel to Guildford to get checked out. The examination may last up to 30 minutes.

Bottom Line

On the Whole, this is all about the driver CPC courses that includes CPC Module 2, CPC module 4, and 35-hour training. Professional bus, coach, and truck drivers must possess the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. It has been implemented throughout Europe in an effort to increase traffic safety and uphold high standards of driving.

You must have finished the required periodic training when it's time to renew your driver CPC card, and these modules must be visible in your My CPC portal account, and open in a new browser tab. If everything is current, then you will get your new driver CPC card to the address on file in your My CPC account prior to the expiration of your current card.You also need to make sure that all of your records are up to date in your My CPC portal if you have resumed professional driving and have met your 35-hour periodic training requirements.

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