4 Ways To Create Buzz for Your Ski Resort Through Email Marketing


4 Ways To Create Buzz for Your Ski Resort Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is set to cross the $10 billion revenue threshold by the time 2023 wraps up. Its average return on investment (ROI) is around $45 for every dollar spent, and there are around 4.14 billion email users worldwide.

These impressive numbers illustrate the importance of email marketing as a crucial component of your ski resort’s promotional strategies.

If you’re looking to leverage email marketing to expand your customer base and retain existing clients, you’re probably wondering where to begin.

With so much competition, it can be challenging to make your ski resort stand out and appeal to customers. Let’s explore how you can develop effective email campaigns to ensure that your ski resort gets fully booked!

Here are some ways to build a successful campaign:

1. Use Seasonal/Special Offers To Entice Potential Customers

Using special offers and email marketing to spread the word can be an extremely effective way to promote your ski resort and make it stand out from the crowd.

Here are some audiences you can target and how you can appeal to them with special offers:

  • Students looking for a winter wonderland adventure during the holidays - appeal to their youthful excitement by outlining all the exciting features your resort has. This may include a hot tub, a bar, a wonderful lounge space, or even delicious food in your in-house restaurant.
  • Couples looking for a wedding venue - ski buffs may love the idea of a wedding that offers the option to hit the slopes. Introduce the concept and appeal to couples by showing them how your resort could be the perfect wedding venue. Highlighting your in-house catering and the stunning views of the hills can help you seal the deal.
  • Companies looking for a unique offsite experience for their employees - aside from lodging, you can also offer to host team building activities and other services that will promote employee engagement and bonding.

Niche marketing can be a lucrative strategy. Consider the fact these groups will likely book several rooms in one go.

So, make your emails enticing, outline all the wonderful amenities your ski resort has to offer, and let them know that you have ample accommodation for all their friends, guests, or employees.

You can also host special events such as midweek skiing get-togethers, themed weekends, and more. These will help you further entice guests and create a fun community because it brings together people through common interests. It’s a great way to provide a memorable experience while keeping your customers invested in your emails and future events.

Don’t forget to add a call to action (CTA) at the end of your email to help with conversions!

2. Offer Perks To Loyal Customers

If your ski resort has been operating for a few years, you probably have guests who frequent your venue. Make it worth their while by designing a rewards program for loyal customers. This will also encourage repeat business among new visitors.

You can have a loyalty card, tier-based rewards, a points-based reward system, or stay-and-ski vacation packages that allow them to sample your most popular amenities for a special price.

However you choose to implement it, make sure to promote it through email and let them know that there are rewards to be had by being a loyal customer of yours. Make it easy for them to sign up and monitor their rewards online to encourage engagement.

You can offer free overnight stays, discounts on food and beverages, free skiing lessons, early check-ins and late check-outs, and special rates for groups — the sky’s the limit!

3. Start Sending Promos Well Before Ski Season

We all know that the early bird gets the worm. This is no less true for ski resorts that have to capitalize on ski season! 

Start planning your email marketing campaign and offers well before November so you can start sending out emails a few months before your resort’s peak period. Aim to have everything planned by July so you can start sending promotional emails by August, giving your audiences a few months to plan their visits.

As ski season draws nearer, you can increase the frequency and urgency of your emails by pointing out that you have limited rooms and timebound discounts. 

4. Use Email Templates to Make Email Marketing a Breeze 

Emails must be eye-catching and engaging with well-designed layouts and thoughtfully prepared content. But if you don’t have a graphics design team on hand, you can still launch a killer email marketing campaign.

How? By using ready-made templates from online resources like PosterMyWall. The site offers over 1.3 million templates, including email templates where all you have to do is customize the text and drag-and-drop visual elements for further personalization. They make you look like you have a professional design team so your emails always look professional and attractive. 

Final Thoughts

The idea of vacationing in a ski resort is exciting and alluring for anyone. By announcing your offers through email, you can let everyone know what you’re offering and get them to enjoy the various amenities your place has to offer.

Make email marketing more effective by designing seasonal offers, special events, and loyalty rewards. Once you have your incentives and offers, start announcing them early and use email marketing templates to make your work look professional.

Before you know it, you’ll have a long guest list by November!

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