How To Wear Georgette Suits For Summer


How To Wear Georgette Suits For Summer

Georgette suits are a type of women’s ethnic wear that is made from a fabric named georgette. It is a lightweight, sheer, and breathable fabric that is a great choice for warm weather. These suits come in a variety of styles such as churidar, salwar kameez, or sarees. 

The salwar kameez is a popular style of georgette suit that consists of a long tunic top (kameez) and loose-fitted pants (salwar). This style is versatile and it can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. 

The churidar suit features a long tunic top with tight-fitted pants called churidar. This style is perfect for formal occasions such as weddings.  

Georgette Sarees are a popular choice among women who want to look elegant and stunning. It is a long piece of fabric that is draped around the body and is paired with a blouse. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. 

Ways to wear georgette suits for Summer 

Here are some tips to wear georgette suits for summer: 

  • Choose light colors such as pastels and whites as they reflect the sunlight and keep you cooler than darker colors. 
  • Add some prints to enhance the personality of your outfit while still feeling cool. Floral prints are a great choice for summer. 
  • Opt for loose fitting styles rather than tight fitting styles that allow air to circulate around your body. 
  • Pair your Jor Jatt suit with sandals to keep your feet cool and comfortable during summer and at the same time, it makes you look stylish. 
  • Accessorize your outfit with lightweight jewelry such as simple earrings or a lightweight necklace as heavy jewelry can be uncomfortable during summer. 
  • Use sleeveless or short sleeve styles as it allows your skin to breathe and keep you cool during the summer season. 

Overall, a georgette suit is a great choice for summer due to its characteristics such as being lightweight and breathable. You can choose some loose fitting, sleeveless styles, with cotton or silk linings, and pair them with some light jewelry and comfortable footwear. Georgette suits are a comfortable and stylish option for women who want to embrace their traditional Indian fashion. 

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