6 Essential Tips for becoming an HGV Driver!


6 Essential Tips for becoming an HGV Driver!

Do you want to change your career but you are not sure what to go onto? Well, whatever your situation is we are here to help you. So, let us explain your option of how you can start with HGV driver training and how much HGV training cost.

The responsibility of an HGV Driver is to transport goods between the suppliers and customers. Also, the average salary of an HGV Driver is around $ 31,787 per annum. Before becoming an HGV driver, the employees must prove that they are above 18 years and have a car driving licence.

Besides it, they must have a Certificate of Professional Competence as most of the companies ask for this certificate. While these are all the handful requirements in order to maintain the safety of both HGV drivers and other motorists.

Here we have short-listed some steps for becoming HGV Driver:

1: Ability to work independently:

Personal freedom is a part of the attraction of HGV driving and especially for long-distance driving. The chance to be alone when driving the vehicle is something that other drivers envy. So, if you are a person who loves to have a flowing conversation then you might struggle with this kind of career.

HGV Drivers spend lots of time in driving alone and thus they can handle being by themselves and take complete responsibility for the truck to transport goods and products safely.

2: Awareness:

If you know that how to drive on congested roads then opting for HGV training is the best choice that you can make. Most of the HGV drivers know how to drive in tight spaces. If you have the experience of driving heavy good vehicles then it doesn’t create problem whether you drive on hazardous roads, streets. Being an HGV driver one must be spatially aware.

3: Technically literate:

You don’t need to be a mechanic but when something happens unexpectedly then a reasonable understanding helps in controlling your vehicle. Apart from this, driving skills help in recognizing problems before they occur. Thus, you need to take tactical actions and save your time of delays and avoid going for repairs.

4: Keep your mind Fresh:

If you are the type of person whose blood pressure remains high every time then this career is probably not the best move for you. Besides, it is not good for your health too. Being an HGV driver you should be able to manage your anger and not drive aggressively on the road. While expecting poor driving from others and giving them time and space is the good thing that you can do.

5: Alertness:

One of the major responsibilities of an HGV Driver is they must be alert at all times and should be able to quickly to respond to the road. An HGV Driver should know how to drive in worse conditions.

The HGV Drivers must ensure that they are well-rested and can handle the task carefully. It is a potential hazard that must be carried. However, if a driver is fall asleep at the wheel then it can cause danger to themselves and the other road users.

6: Stamina:

Being an HGV Driver, one should have good stamina either for loading and unloading the goods. Some goods might be very heavy and therefore it needs someone strong who is able to unload the goods safely. Also, the driver needs stamina for long drives and this means that the HGV drivers shouldn’t have any back issues that suddenly cause pain while driving or transporting the goods.

To become HGV Driver ones should possess these driving skills qualities:

1: Driving Abilities: It is important that all HGV Drivers should have extensive knowledge about road safety and should be able to practice safe driving efficiently.

2: Self-Motivation: Due to the extensive driving and loneliness of the job, the HGV driver should require self-motivation and willing to work without having any tension.

3: Patience: Well, it is a fact that the other drivers on the road don’t always seem patient. Therefore, HGV Drivers need to exercise patience with other vehicles in order to ensure safety.

4: Concentration: Due to the adverse weather and heavy traffic, the HGV Drivers should need to be able to focus and concentrate on the road to avoid accidents.

5: Paperwork: In case when you are not driving then drivers are responsible for logging information about trip details and deliveries.

Benefits of HGV Driving include:

The people who are considering becoming an HGV Driver should weigh the positive aspects of HGV driving against negative aspects and thus need to make the informed decisions.

Here are some of the advantages that HGV Driver includes:

1: The HGV Drivers possess the ability to climb the career ladder after gaining experience.

2: They can become familiar with distinct parts of the country while traveling.

3: HGV Drivers get competitive pay and job stability.

Conclusion: To become a lorry, bus or coach driver one should carry a full car licence and pass all the four tests that make the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. Also, a complete 35 hours of CPD training proves that you are medically fit.

Both your skills as well as personality are a part of being an HGV Driver. To have excellent skills you should be comfortable and possess the ability to concentrate for longer periods. Moreover, the person should be polite and have friendly behavior with the customers. They should have the ability to keep accurate records and be fit enough to handle the transports of goods.

Usually, HGV drivers are expected to work around 42 hours a week and this could be at any time either day or night. Also, the drivers have to stay away from the home whole night. Based on UK laws, these are extremely strict and all drivers should require adhering rigidly to them.

However, there is no doubt that the profession of HGV driving is opting by many people. In other words, driving is not only lucrative but it comes with a lot of responsibility, so in order to begin the process to become an HGV driver ensure that you embark on a journey that is satisfying your professional career.

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