Labeling Of Carbonated Drinks


Labeling Of Carbonated Drinks

It is never easy to run a business of drinks. One needs to take care of all the regulations related to drinks mentioned by the Food safety and Standards Regulations, 2011. In India drinks are reviewed and taken care of by the organization known as FSSAI and without the license and approval of this organization it is not allowed to sell any drink or do the manufacturing of any drink. Therefore, It is important to comply with all the rules of FSSAI to start any business related to drinks.

Whenever the summer comes up it gives us the mood to drink carbonated drinks like cold drinks, soda, mocktail, ginger ale and so on.

But the process of manufacturing these drinks and selling these drinks required other efforts as well such as labeling, packaging and so on. 

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Labeling of the Drinks:-

One needs to take proper measures mentioned in food safety and standards( packaging and labeling) regulations, 2011 at the time of packaging the bottles for the purpose of labeling. Few of the important provisions mentioned in it are as follows:-

There should be proper mentioning of Date of manufacturing, date of expiry, date of packaging, infant restrictions, lot number, code number and so on while labeling of the product. Make sure that everything is as per the regulations prescribed.

Each pre packed container or bottle should contain a label information which carries details like:-

  • Declaration details by the manufacturer company and it should be mostly in English or Hindi language.
  • If the manufacturer company is using any other language apart from Hindi or English then that company should make sure that there is also a declaration in the language Hindi or English labeled along with it.
  • It is compulsory law for all the manufacturers that the labeling description should be on the bottle or container and they should not give it separately.
  • It is also made sure by the manufacturer that the label they are putting on the product should be in a manner which can be read by the consumer and understood by the consumer and the exception to it can only be accepted in exceptional cases where there is some physical or mental default of the consumer.
  • When a manufacturer uses a label which covers the bottle then at that time he needs to make sure that the cover which is visible to the consumer has all the details related to the product and there is no hindrance to it.
  • Every container should have a symbol of FSSAI along with the license no allotted to the manufacturing company on the labeling part of the bottle and container 
  • It is a necessary regulation that every manufacturer has to mention the name of the product and ingredients used in the product on the labeling part of the product.

Therefore, if you are planning to start any manufacturing unit for drinks or consume drinks then make sure of these points.

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