Lifestyle In India For Men & Women

Lifestyle In India For Men & Women


We Indians live a very traditional lifestyle and we do have diversification of our lifestyle in every state. In India we can see different cultures, languages, food, heritage, fashion and so on. It all covers the lifestyle in India. For us Indians Lifestyle of a man is very different in comparison to the lifestyle of a woman. A woman being a female needs to do a lot of things which are different from men in terms of household whereas men in India are responsible for going out and making money.

Home Responsibility:-

In India in household women of the families specially the bahu & mothers are responsible to cook food for their husband, children and entire family. It has been said that the responsibility to look after the home is entirely on the shoulders of women and she needs to work towards cleaning of home, cooking in Home and look after other works related to home which is essential for managing the home.

Therefore, women live her lifestyle managing the house.

Finance Responsibility:-

In India it is said that the issues and work related to office, finances and other things being done by the men and also the responsibility for taking care of the financial matters of the family are on the shoulders of men. It is quite a prominent thing that all the work related to finances such as managing finances, bringing groceries and other essential items, Giving your family and loved ones a luxury life in terms of money is all on the shoulder of men and everyday he needs to go to office or workplace for earning livelihood for him and his family.

Different between men and women lifestyle in India:-

Although it is been said these days men and women are equal and there is no significant difference between both of them and they live a equal and same type of life but it is still not right to say that as We Indians still have more expectations than women in terms of each and everything and she is always responsible for carrying out more things on her shoulders.

In India even if a woman wants to go out and work for her career and family still it's her responsibility to manage her household chores before it whereas men do not fall into that category.

In India women also have to think respectively for the in-laws family and her family in terms of socializing and everything whereas men still have liberty to do things as per their wishes.

Therefore, the lifestyle of a woman is very different as per the lifestyle of a man but still both manage it according to their own set goals and life. Lifestyle is an important aspect of life and everyone should live in a manner which makes them feel good.

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