Need For Education


Need For Education

We know that there is a vital role of education in our life. As education opens up various doors in our life and that is why every person who is concerned about us in our life pushes us to take adequate education and make our career. Education and career are somewhat related to each other. Education is the one which is responsible for providing knowledge and knowledge helps in excelling every difficulty in life phase. 

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Need for education:-

For making a career: It is not easy to make a career in any field these days as for making a career in any field a person needs specialized knowledge about their segment of career and for that purpose it is important that you have a knowledge of that relevant field you wish to pursue your career in. So, basically for the purpose of attaining knowledge one has to get education related to it. Therefore, for making a career in any field a person needs to get education about that particular field.

For making money: Money can be made by education as when you have a proper degree in some field any company will hire you for the job or service in their company and will pay you handsome amount as a salary for using your educational knowledge. For eg: a person who has a degree of engineering earns somewhere between 5 lakhs per year in the starting phase of their career. The amount of any job or service completely depends on the caliber of the person. Also, a person with an educational degree can invest his/her knowledge in his/ her settled family business or in developing a new business for his/her. Therefore, for the purpose of earning money, education plays an important role.

For good personality: It is not easy for a person to have a perfect personality which attracts people but education plays an important role in it as the person who is educated knows what to speak and how to speak and their knowledge can be seen by the people through their personality which make them a attracting personality and people like this sort of personality around them.

For overall growth of the country: Overall growth of the country depends on literacy of the country and literacy of educated people. Therefore, every year Our government brings up various schemes so that each and every citizen of our country gets an education. Our Government is also providing free education camps for the people who belong to the poor section of society in our country so that this section of society can avail education and make their life good in the future by getting good jobs in various companies. 

To understand the values: Education helps people in understanding the moral values of life and teaches them differences between right and wrong and also pushes them towards doing good deeds in life.

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