Trends That Will Impact Your Digital Marketing Plans


Trends That Will Impact Your Digital Marketing Plans

1. Genuine long-form material continues to rule

Long-form educational content that attempts to assist users rather than sell to them has become popular in content marketing. With innovations like Google's Helpful Content Update, which launched in late 2014, that trend will only persist. Content that fully addresses readers' concerns and directs them toward the appropriate course of action given their situation will perform well.

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2. The crown will soon be taken by short-form video content

Short-form video material is becoming more and more popular, even while long-form educational content is still effective for blogging or podcasting. The popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels has made people more receptive to quick bursts of entertaining or educational video content. In a sea of other video material, brands may exploit this trend to swiftly and efficiently communicate with their audience.

3. More people will use chatbots and conversational AI

More advanced conversational AI and chatbots will continue to enter the market and become more widely available to small enterprises. Regardless of the time of day or night, these technologies can respond to simple inquiries from clients, even if you are preoccupied with other responsibilities. 

For instance, ChatGPT's debut demonstrates that the age of AI-driven marketing is already in existence. Expect to see more small businesses making use of easily accessible technologies that can help them create marketing content or engage with their clients 24/7.

4. Voice search will continue to be a key area of attention

Voice search is one area where your small business may differentiate itself from the competition as mobile devices and voice services like Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant gain in popularity. The likelihood that customers may discover your website or content marketing assets using voice search is rising if your organization operates online.

5. Deeper insights will be provided through data analytics

The majority of companies prioritize data analytics, but marketers still have a ways to go, according to Curtis Tingle, a former senior vice president of product for Valassis, a business that delivers intelligent advertising.

He remarked, "Marketers must learn how to use the data they collect more effectively. Customers frequently provide personal information to the businesses they interact with, including information about their purchasing habits, favorite items, and the most effective ways to contact them through advertising and marketing initiatives. Customers who submit their data want something in return, whether it be more individualized advertising or specifically tailored coupons and promotions.

6. Social media advertising will keep developing

Considering that there are more than 4.26 billion users of social media worldwide, social media platforms are already incredibly significant channels for digital marketers. By 2027, that figure is anticipated to surpass 6 billion, giving social media strong viability as a component of all digital marketing initiatives.

Social media is developing as well. For brands to stay relevant to their audience and maintain high levels of engagement, the landscape will need to change. As a result, social listening to users and rivals will be more effective. Utilizing social listening solutions that facilitate the process and produce deeper insights will be advantageous for brands.

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