Various Fertilizers Used In Gardening


Various Fertilizers Used In Gardening


The most important area of garden is soil as this is the root of garden and when it comes to gardening the most important role is been played by soil and fertilizers as the fertilizers are the substances which can make soil fertile and with the help of which it becomes easier to grow a seed and further make it a plant.

Fertilizers are like womb to the plants as this is the manner it is grown.

Fertilizers are used in the initial stage of gardening as these are generally applied in spring and mix with the soil before the stage of planting to make the soil fertile for the growth of plants.

Using fertilizers is not easy in your garden and the person needs a full and proper assessment of their garden and type of plants they wish to grow before choosing their fertilizer. It is also a mandatory thing to know the soil type and impacts of fertilizers on that type of soil.

Why Plants needs fertilizers:-

Plants need fertilizers as fertilizers help in providing nutrients to the plants. It's not a right theory that plants get all the nutrients and other basic things just from the soil. People need to make the soil in a manner that the plant will be able to fulfill its requirements through it. All plants need micronutrients for its growth such as potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen which they can receive with the help of fertilizers.

Types of Fertilizers:-

  • Nitrogen: This helps in enriching the soil and it is a must needed fertilizer for the growth of plants.
  • Phosphorus: Efficiency of a fertilizer strictly depends on the effectiveness of phosphorus content in it. This content helps in fertilization as per the strong element of phosphorus available in the fertilizer as this is responsible for growing the plant.
  • Potassium: It is of two types potassium sulfate and potassium chloride. The use of potassium chloride is much more than the use of potassium sulfate as potassium sulfate is used only for some specific type of crops whereas potassium chloride is used in every type of plant. 
  • Urea: It is used as a part of last cultivation just before planting in crops like grain and cotton crops. At the time of rainfall it is quite used for preventing the plants from insects and also helps in protecting them from damage from heavy rainfall.
  • Ammonium Sulfate: It is the fertilizer which is best for the high alkaline type of soil as it helps in providing sulfur to the soil and make it fertile in a manner that it is easy to grow crops in that area which needs sulfur.
  • Manure: It is one of the best fertilizers as it is a combination of nitrogen and other nutrients which are good for plants.

There are many other fertilizers as well which can be used in plants such as bone meal, fish emulsion, vermicompost, phosphate, phosphorite, sodium nitrate and so on.

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