Fashion: The Industry Of Necessity & Requirement


Fashion The Industry Of Necessity & Requirement

There is no decline in the fact that this industry keeps on emerging with the latest trends and there is a lot of money in this industry. We know the fact that clothing is a part of the fashion industry and it is one of the important elements of the basic necessities of life. Although we can say that the necessity is related to fulfilling basic needs which came under basic clothing, the party wears bling clothes. But every type of clothing comes under the part of the fashion industry.

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Types of Fashion clothing:-

There are various types of fashion clothing available in the market and the budget to spend on such totally depends on person to person. Some of the basic categories of fashion clothing are as follows:-

Daily wear: In daily wear clothing the fabric usually is cotton, muslin or semi fabrics. Although mostly during summer season people prefer buying cotton stuff for their daily wear and during winters people prefer knitted sweaters for their daily clothing. It is basic that daily wear clothing is something in which people do not like any sort of hand work or machine work and rather prefer buying basic simple dresses. Every person has different desires for their daily clothing. Some prefer wearing sarees, suits and prefer wearing western outfits like denims,tops and tees whereas most of the men prefer wearing pants, shirts, jeans, t-shirt for their daily clothing.

Party wear: This category can also be divided into two sub-categories: 1) Indian festive party wear 2) clubbing party wear.

In Indian festive party wear people prefer wearing Indian blingy clothes which are designed with hand work such as Lehengas, sarees, suits for women and for men blazers, kurta-pajamas and so on.

In clubbing party wear women prefer wearing dresses: short or long, skirt, party blingy top, jeans, trousers and men prefer wearing shirts, pants, jeans, t-shirts.

Night wear: While selecting the dresses for this category people prefer the comfort and prefer buying loose clothes in which while sleeping they have utmost comfort. Most people prefer wearing loose t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, gowns for this category of clothing.

Office wear: This category of clothing includes dresses which give formal attire and look good in office culture. Most of the women prefer wearing Salwar-suits, Blazer and pants along with formal shirts and so on in offices whereas men prefer wearing a blazer set, formal shirt and pants in the offices.


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