Rules & Regulations For Christian Matrimony


Rules & Regulations For Christian Matrimony

Matrimony in any caste, religion has its own rules and regulations as per the customs of the religion and also as per the prescribed law of the country. It is not that easy for anyone to perform tasks related to marriage for anyone and therefore need intensive regulations to be followed for a valid and legitimate marriage consideration.

A marriage without following the provisions laid for the particular religion as per the law of that religion that marriage shall be considered as invalid or void marriage in our country.

Christian Matrimony:-

Christian Matrimony has been followed by the provisions laid down under The Christian Marriage Act 1872. The marriages under this act need to follow all the provisions mentioned under The Christian Marriage Act 1872 irrespective of getting married anywhere either in court in front of a marriage registrar or either in the church.

Mandate rules to follow while getting married in church :-

  • The age of groom at the time of getting married should be at least 21 years and the age of bride at the time of getting married should be at least 18 years.
  • For doing Christian marriage in the church it is necessary that one among the bride or groom should be a Christian in terms of Religion.
  • If one is getting married in the Church then they need to follow all the customs with respect to Christian Marriage in the Church.
  • The marriage ceremony performed in the church needs to have two witnesses at the time of marriage who are credible and of sound mind.
  • The marriage ceremony should be performed by the priest in the church of who is authorized to the church of scotland.
  • Neither of both bride and groom should have any living spouse with whom they are currently considered to be married.

Mandate rules to be followed if Christian Matrimony is happening in court:-

  • The rules with respect to age will remain the same in both the cases.
  • It is a necessary condition that at the time of getting married both bride and groom have provided their free consent with their will and the consent should not be on any sort of fraud, under influence, coercion or misrepresentation.
  • The marriage should happen in front of the marriage registrar with licenses of both the parties getting married and including the fact that one party among both of them should be of christian religion and apart from them it is mandatory that there should be the presence of two witnesses available.
  • There should be a pledge or application that needs to be submitted before the marriage registrar which contains the locality of both the bride and groom within the respective boundaries of the marriage registrar and there are no obstacles, legitimate issues in performing the marriage, natural inclinations.
  • The marriage needs to be performed as per the rules mentioned under The christian marriage act 1872. Therefore, all the things that take place will take care of all the customs, duties and other things as per the religion.

Therefore, if you are planning to get married then please understand these rules and regulations.

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