Memecoin to Dogecoin: The Story of Crypto currency


Memecoin to Dogecoin The Story of Crypto currency


Dogecoin is essentially the cryptocurrency trend that makes people smile unintentionally. Additionally, it is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that makes use of blockchain technology, a highly secure decentralised method of storing data as a public ledger that is maintained by a network of computers known as nodes. More than this, though, is the Dogecoin Manifesto's spirit and its great, dynamic community, which is made up of amiable people just like you! Study more.

Like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, albeit it is fundamentally distinct from both of these well-known coins. Dogecoin, which derives its name from a once-famous meme, was initially developed at least in part as a humorous prank for cryptocurrency fans. Share your thoughts about crypto Dogecoin and with us at the Crypto Write For Us category. 

Rise of Dogecoin 

In 2013, Dogecoin became popular among individuals looking to try out cryptocurrencies. Later, websites like Reddit and Dogecoin began paying their content creators with Dogecoin, which caused Dogecoin to soar in value relative to other cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, in 2014.

After that, the most well-known Dogecoin supporter and inventor of SpaceX, Elon Musk, frequently began tweeting about a fake "Doge" magazine cover, which caused the value of this humour cryptocurrency to increase. As a result, other famous people, including Snoop Dogg and Gene Simmons, began tweeting about and promoting Dogecoin on social media. 

Working of Dogecoin

Like many other currencies, Dogecoin operates on a separate blockchain. All new transactions are continuously added to Dogecoin's digital ledger, which is secured by cryptography on the network. The Dogecoin blockchain has a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, in which miners use computers to execute transactions and log them on the blockchain by solving challenging mathematical problems. Miners receive more Dogecoin in return for assisting the blockchain, which they can keep or trade on the open market.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used for exchanges and purchases, but it is not a very reliable means to save capital. This is mainly because Dogecoin is incredibly inflationary by design because there is no cap on the total amount of coins that can be created through mining. It is extremely difficult for speculative price gains in Dogecoin to endure over time because the blockchain rewards miners for their labour by issuing millions of new Dogecoins every day.

The Bottom Line 

Those that purchased Dogecoin before the massive price increases of 2021 have profited greatly. White is still a little hesitant to purchase Dogecoin, particularly as an investment. The value of the coin was continuously under pressure due to the steady influx of new coins onto the market. Dogecoin poses greater security dangers than other well-known cryptocurrencies, according to White. It simply hasn't undergone the same amount of security and code scrutiny as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Additionally, Doge doesn't have a very large mining community, so the exposure to a mining-level attack is much higher than it would be for a currency like Bitcoin.

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