8 Websites that are used in Affiliate Marketing


8 Websites that are used in Affiliate Marketing

Below is the list mentioned that contains the information about the 8 growing websites that are used in Affiliate Marketing. This is nothing but the part of Digital Marketing, to get more about this you can undergo a Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most complete analytics solution accessible for affiliate marketers. This tool is used by the majority of affiliate marketers to monitor the amount of traffic to their affiliate websites. They are able to carry out a variety of dimensional operations using this fantastic equipment. 

You can examine different habits, do split tests, monitor links, track conversions, and get actual insights into how users interact with your affiliate website as an affiliate marketer.

Pretty Links

A feature-rich, all-in-one WordPress link management plugin is called Pretty Links. With your WordPress website, it enables you to create simple, clear URLs that can be redirected to any other URL. 

With the help of this plugin, you can create groupings and quickly distribute redirects for external links, such as affiliate links, or current site content across several platforms.


You'll save a tonne of time with Scaleo's lightning-fast backend interface since all statistics, including incoming clicks and transactions, are generated and updated in real-time. 

Anyone thinking about launching an affiliate network that offers more features and a smooth, easy-to-use interface for affiliates and administrators should use Scaleo. Thus, begin your free trial now and enter the affiliate marketing industry with a comprehensive solution that will meet all of your requirements.


All kinds of organisations and marketers can benefit from MailChimp's all-inclusive email marketing platform. For affiliate marketers, it might be a very useful tool to start email marketing. With the help of this marketing tool, emails may be sent to target audiences, sell particular products, and turn leads into sales.


Because it features some of the greatest lead-generation affiliate capabilities and doesn't require any coding knowledge, Unbounce is a popular landing page builder among digital marketers. With Unbounce, you can quickly create high-converting landing pages by copying the most well-liked ones. 

Additionally, you may A/B test various combinations of landing pages to determine which templates and messaging perform the best.


You can discover an established website in your niche with Flippa that is ready to go. Flippa is an online marketplace where web pages can be bought or sold ("flipped") for a profit. 

For those who would want to forego starting from scratch when building a profitable affiliate website, this forum might be helpful. You can discover an established website in your niche with Flippa that is ready to go.

Editorial Calendar

A post-scheduling plugin called Editorial Calendar is helpful for thoughtful blogging. There are excellent affiliate marketing tools available if you have a content strategy for your company. Depending on your affiliate topic, this can be incredibly helpful since it allows you to schedule and organise all of the content on your website. 

Tech blogs, for instance, should plan their postings around the upcoming significant Apple event, while fashion blogs should schedule their pieces or videos around fashion week.


Using Buffer, a social media management platform, you can plan and organise your material, track your performance, and improve audience engagement. Using Buffer makes it simpler for social media and affiliate marketers to collaborate and share content. Thanks to this fantastic tool for affiliate marketing and social media outlets, you can plan out your entire content in advance with a storytelling marketing strategy.

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