Best Budgeted Travel Options For Year 2024


Best Budgeted Travel Options For Year 2024

Many of us have travel as our passion and hobby and for which we try to search for new destinations every year. Some people make travel their profession and become travel influencers while there is huge list of people who like to relief their work pressure and get satisfied through travel and it is genuine fact that travel releases the stress and make your feel relaxed if you are going for a leisure travel and therefore, here in this blog we would like to highlight few of the travel option for Indians for a budgeted travel in India and across globe.

  • Thailand: The tickets from India to Thailand on a round trip usually come in between 15,000-20,000 if you are looking for economy rated budget tickets and the price of thai baht for Inr is 2.35 indian rupee is equivalent to one thai baht. The hotels in the three star range in thailand usually comes in between 5000-10000 indian rupees which are decent good properties where one can find a standard room and pool in the hotel to enjoy and relax and all inclusive price with sightseeing, traveling and everything on a budgeted trip to thailand can give us a total package of around 40,000 per person at lowest including flights, meals and everything.
  • Kashmir: Kashmir is also known as Switzerland of India and there is no doubt that Kashmir has splendid beauty with lush green in summers and with snow covered layers in winters which make it too look beautiful in all the seasons. A person can plan a trip to kashmir with a low budget of 20,000 rs covering all major areas such as srinagar, gulmarg, phalguan and all and this prices also include traveling price, hotel stay, food price and sightseeing price but the price might include train tickets to srinagar if you looking for flight travel then the price will go up to 30,000 per person.
  • Vietnam: This country is very beautiful and has low fares for flights from India. The country has much to explore and one can do the trip to vietnam including visa, flights, stay, meals, travel and sightseeing in 45000-50,000 per person if looking for a good trip with budgeted outlook.
  • Kerala: This is also known as “GOD OWN COUNTRY” and one can experience the fabulous  trip to kerala in a budget price of 30,000 per person covering all the major areas of the state and including flight, meals, hotel, sightseeing and so on. This trip gives you the experience of seeing great scenic beauty with lush green areas everywhere.

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