How To Understand The Working Of Corporate Finance


How To Understand The Working Of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is something every youth of current India dreams about when he is getting into a business. Many youth prefer doing the course of finance to be the part of corporate finance structure and work towards it and therefore people study after the college in the field of finance to get adequate knowledge with respect to finance and corporate finance to work in this segment.

Even the stock market is a sub part of corporate finance and we all know many people have their sole business to work in the segment of stock market for making money and this usually becomes quite a beneficial equation for the people which leads to great profit and good earnings for the person. 

An ideal statistics says that if you work in the stock market and invest your finances there then with good knowledge and idea of the market one can make a lot of money and the biggest example of the multi-millionaire who is among the top richest persons in the world working in this segment of corporate finance is warren buffet.

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The working structure of corporate finance:-

The corporate finance basically works on four main elements that are:-

  1. Capital budgeting
  2. Capital structure
  3. Dividend distribution
  4. Working capital requirements

Now in this everything works in a proper manner while at an stage of capital budgeting the company works towards knowing the growth of the company and how to work for betterment of the company and thereafter access the company with proper finance analysis and then ascertain the need for funds or finance for the company. Then after understanding the requirements of the finance generation they will work towards where to invest the finance to get good return. 

Now the working on second stage starts, that is capital structure and herein the company will find the ways for finance and work whether to opt for debt finance or equity finance or can consider the mix for both the finance pattern. 

Now at the third stage, the dividend distribution company will decide whether to distribute excessive earnings among stakeholders or retain the same with itself for future use or growth. The last is the working capital requirement. 

At this stage the capital requirements for every day will be managed and in this manner the corporate finance of a company works in a very smooth manner.

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